Space Monkey is a seed-stage company focused on making file storage faster and more cost efficient by combining cloud and peer-to-peer technologies.

As an example, to store large amounts of photos (500gb+) on Dropbox is expensive ($750/yr), and too time intensive on Carbonite - so consumers resort to buying external hard drives ($150-$300). Space Monkey disrupts traditional cloud storage services by shrinking storage costs 10x. Consumer demand for storage is exploding with HD video and other media formats. With Space Monkey, consumers can store terabytes of data online for $10/month instead of $1000s/year. We combine a commodity storage device in the consumer's home with network storage to create a primary storage experience that is better than a NAS (sharing, access, safe), and better than the cloud (fast, cheap). The founding team is from Mozy (acquired by Vmware).

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264 West 1200 South, Orem, UT, 84058

Polaris Lead

Dave Barrett

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