Quantcast is a new media measurement service that enables publishers and advertisers to better understand their distinct audiences. 

The company’s vision is to provide an open, trusted, and transparent service offering that helps drive the value and accountability of digital media for all marketplace participants. Quantcast enables any web publisher to “quantify” their media properties – including distributed widgets and video players - by participating in the Quantified Publisher program. This free service uses tags to assess entire audiences, combining directly measured traffic statistics with multiple panel data sources to generate highly accurate audience profiles.  The Quantcast approach to audience measurement solves a critical gap in the march to addressable advertising by offering fine grain audience profiles that can be used to segment and target advertising campaigns. To date, over 20,000 publishers, representing millions of unique web destinations, have joined the Quantified Publisher program.  Adoption of the program is accelerating and many brand-name media organizations participate, including Fox, CBS, Belo Corporation, AccuWeather.com, Slide, and IDG. Traffic and audience profiles for over 20 million web destinations are accessible for free at www.quantcast.com and over 4 million people use the service every month to review and understand web audiences.

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