Momenta Pharmaceuticals is a biotechnology company specializing in the detailed structural analysis of complex elture drugs.

The company is applying its technology to the development of generic versions of complex drug products, as well as to the discovery and development of novel drugs.


Building companies that are based on science is all about partnerships. The people at Polaris have been some of the most special partners to me as we have founded and developed three outstanding companies in concert: Momenta, Cerulean, and Visterra. We have always been strategically aligned in our objectives to create excellent companies that can ultimately truly make a difference for patients. Towards this end the team at Polaris provides matchless, profound operational and financial experience. I look forward to embarking on many more future ventures together with them.

- Ram Sasisekharan, MIT Professor : Co-Founder, Momenta

Contact Info

675 West Kendall Street, Cambridge, MA, 02142
Tel: (617) 491-9700

Polaris Lead

Alan Crane