Advanced Inhalation Research, Inc. (AIR), acquired by Alkermes, was a private company focused on the development of pharmaceutical products based on proprietary pulmonary drug delivery technologies.

AIR was developing dry-powder pulmonary drug delivery systems for use in the treatment of respiratory diseases and for the systemic delivery of complex macromolecules via the lung. AIR's proprietary technology was based on the formulation of drugs into comparatively large, porous particles which could be inhaled into the deep lung.


I love working with the Polaris Team. They have continually displayed outstanding vision, wisdom, and judgment. And they have gone out of their way to treat founders and employees fairly.

- Bob Langer, MIT Professor : Co-Founder, AIR

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88 Sidney Street 2nd Floor, , Cambridge, MA, 02139
Tel: (617) 494-0171

Polaris Lead

Terry McGuire