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The LS Polaris Innovation Fund aims to accelerate the commercial and therapeutic potential of early stage academic research. By partnering with passionate entrepreneurs with transformational science, the LS Polaris Innovation Fund fosters company creation and growth through an active investment model. Our team brings decades of experience in healthcare investing and entrepreneurship. We offer unparalleled guidance and strategic support to early stage companies. This team of proven leaders in scientific research, biopharma, and venture capital investment joined together for the sole purpose of bringing biomedical innovation to the market.


Suono Bio, Inc. enables ultrasonic targeted delivery of therapeutics and macromolecules across tissues without the need for reformulation or encapsulation. Preclinical studies have demonstrated the capacity to deliver small molecules, proteins, vaccines, and nucleic acids locally to specific tissues such as the gastrointestinal tract, as well as systemically in a formulation-independent manner.

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Carl Schoellhammer, CEO


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