What is Dogpatch Labs Dublin?

Dogpatch Labs was originally founded by Polaris Partners in the US in 2009 to provide a creative community for entrepreneurs to connect and share experiences and ideas as they launch their companies.  The impetus behind the creation of Dogpatch was that like-minded, driven teams, working side by side in a co-working environment, will innovate faster and more effectively.  By providing workspace, bandwidth, and mentorship, Dogpatch energized an outstanding community of entrepreneurs in Cambridge, New York City, San Francisco/Palo Alto and, in 2011, Dublin Ireland to achieve great things.  In its four years of operation in the US, Dogpatch supported more than 300 companies of which at least 1/3 were funded. Notable Dogpatch alumni include: Localytics, JIBE, Boxever, Profitero, TaskRabbit, Recurly, Spindle (Twitter), Sprout (InMobi), and Instagram (FaceBook).

Now headquartered in the historic chq Building in Dublin, Ireland, Dogpatch Labs operates under the direction of Patrick Walsh and serves as a home for both local Irish technology startups and international companies using Dublin as a base for their expansion into Europe.  The venue is an open source model with curated tenants who are considered from a pool of candidates beyond the Polaris proprietary portfolio.   Noel Ruane, Venture Partner with Polaris Partners, serves as the head of the Dogpatch Labs advisory board.


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